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Thomas Vercemelli
TOMI with a GUHN

Full name Thomas "Tommy" Vercemelli
Appearances Vice Face
Date of Birth 1956
Date of Death N/A
Nationality Download (8) Cuban
Home Vercemelli Mansion
Affiliation Vercemelli Cartel

Thomas "Tommy" Vercemelli is the main protagonist of GTA Mafia: Vice Face, he was an immigrant from Cuba.


Thomas was born on July 6th, in Havana, Cuba. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother a priest. He was born under poor circumstances, and didn't go to school. He didn't play with other children, because the streets were restricted, as the revolution was going.


At the young age, Tommy was working with the Sufrello Family, he was 15 years in prison, after he got out, he was sent to Miami, Florida to do a deal, they sent a partner with him named Ken Ribera, who was also from Cuba, but was a lawyer, after that the deal was ambushed by Frank Diaz, at that time unknown. After the deal, Tommy drove home with Ken, he stayed in a hotel, and met Colonel Ricardo. He would help him to get jobs done, and get the money for the Sufrello's. He asked him to assasinate a chief, there he meets Lance Suarez, a man who works for Frank Diaz, but secretly wants to kill him, because his brother was killed in the deal.Lance introduces Tommy to Frank Diaz, he worked for him a bit, then Lance and Tommy started planning to kill him. After breaking into his mansion, Tommy finally takes Frank's business, and starts buying: Studios, Banks, Mansions, Towers. After Sufrellos found that Tommy has more power, they come to Miami, and try to take over his business, Tommy negotiates with Sufrellos, only to find out that Lance betrayed him. Tommy kills all the Sufrellos, and still has his business, only with more power.

MPD Record

**** MPD Database ****

Surname: Vercemelli
Name: Thomas
Age: 46


  • Suffrellis
  • Vercemelli Cartel
  • Ken Ribera

Criminal Record

  • Sentenced 15 Years for Drug Dealing.
  • Grand Theft Auto


  • Works with Sufrellos
  • Works with Ken Ribera