The GTA Mafia Wiki Ring Of Honor recognizes the most accomplished users in the Wikis' history. Users that have made substantial contributions that have contributed to the Wikis' success as the main source on the web for GTA Mafia mods. Users inducted into the Hall of Fame is a rare occurrence and is reserved for only the most elite editors who have played a major role in making the GTA Mafia Wiki what it is today. As users inevitably fall into inactivity and leave the wiki this page will be a tribute to those editors who's collaborations and efforts to make mafia a more main stream topic in the GTA series.

Procedure and Qualification

  • The process of being inducted into the Ring of Honor involves a sitting Don to petition for a user to be inducted. A Don only vote will commence to determine if the selected user is to be inducted. The vote will take place on the Community Noticeboard where other users may leave a comment but are barred from voting.
  • Content in the Ring of Honor such as the inductees biography, is only to be edited by Bureaucrats.
  • Solicitation to a Bureaucrat in hopes of getting into the Ring of Honor is forbidden and will hurt your chances of ever being inducted.